Waterfalls Tadah Hujan; The paradise for Nature Lovers

Explores the natural beauty is endless, especially enchanting beauty of nature in the mountains of North Kendeng. There are many attractions that remain hidden potential and not many people around who know. There is also a tourist attraction that has been exposed by the community, either through social media website to the promotion of oral. All is a community effort to show that the mountains have Kendeng tourist destination that is not less interesting to other mountains.
One of the attractions that have been widely known to the public is the Waterfall Tadah Hujan. For the people of starch, especially starch south, Niagara Rainfed not new for them. But for the people of the North or the Pati Central Java community in general, might still many who do not know the beauty of Niagara Waterfall  Tadah Hujan this.
Its location in the village Sukolilo districts, Pati. In the beginning, the community call it by name Curung Tadah Hujan. Curung a term of local residents to call a waterfall. Glance views from its name, it seems Curung Tadah Hujan only drain the water when the rainy season only. Apparently, the presumption is wrong. Precisely rainfed Curung is always flowing every year, no matter rainy season or summer.
surrounding communities  initially considered that Curung  Tadah Hujan a water during the rainy season. But when in explore further, it turns out there are springs that make the Curung Tadah Hujan always drain the water even in summer. From now on that the surrounding community take advantage of the fountain of the Curung Tadah Hujan for everyday needs.
Around Curung Tadah Hujan there are also lots of teak and mahogany trees so that the landscape becomes more beautiful and appear beautiful. This also will keep you from being bored and will not overheat even if the blazing sun was directly overhead. Leafy trees have provided for visitors Curung Rainfed. That dinamanakn with natural umbrella.
To give you more satisfied, then do not hesitate to shower in Curung Rainfed this. Just below the waterfall, you can play the water and enjoy the freshness of mountain springs Kendeng. Communities around during the morning and late afternoon are usually washed clothes in the bottom of the waterfall Tadah Hujan Such. you do not have to hesitate, the people there are very friendly to visitors.
Waterfall which has a height of about 75 meters has a natural pool below. Water generated slightly greenish color. Not far from the spot the waterfall there is also a small pool which made the citizens with clearer water. That’s where visitors usually swim and bathe. Only slightly less well maintained condition.
Actually, this place is a little much cultivated by the villagers but the management has not quite optimal. If only exotic places like this get more attention, it is not likely to be a lot of people from outside the starch and starch visit.
Community efforts to preserve the beauty of the rain-fed waterfall seems somewhat hampered because many investors who looked at the economic potential in the mountains Kendeng. In addition, the local government also appear to be ignorant of the potential of nature tourism that is so amazing is that waterfall rainfed conditions increasingly unkempt.
You do not need not worry, though the government did not intervene to promote the tourism potential of this rain-fed waterfall, masyatakat cleverly able to promote themselves. Until now, there are many visitors who come to see the beauty of Niagara Rainfed. There’s even the days surrounding mountains Kendeng to see other tourism potentials. [Cho/Ntz]
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